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About Me

Atlas A Lee-Reid is a visual artist specializing in collage, riso printing, and digital rotoscope. Zir work explores the trans and gender-expansive experience through a combination of zines, animation, and scholarly research. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for storytelling, Atlas creates unique pieces that are both visually striking and emotionally resonant.

Artist Statement

Zines and the vibrant culture surrounding them serve as the heartbeat of my creative essence, influencing both my style and the underlying philosophy of my artistic pursuits. Rooted in the spirit of self-expression and the desire for connection outside of capitalism, my creations are crafted with the intention of inviting others into my world, fostering understanding through shared experiences.

My artistic process is a dynamic blend of analog and digital techniques, reflecting the diverse influences that shape my worldview. I embark on a journey of collage, meticulously piecing together fragments from magazines, fliers, and newspapers. This tactile engagement with physical materials is juxtaposed with the precision of rotoscope and the spontaneity of freehand line-drawings. Realistic coloring and textures breathe life into my compositions, while rotoscope animation places a spotlight on outlines and raw textures, capturing the essence of movement and emotion.

At the core of my artistic exploration lies a deeply personal motivation - while my art is a dialogue with the world, it is, first and foremost, a conversation with myself. Wrestling with the complexities of lifelong anxiety, navigating a trans and fat body, and grappling with the challenge of distinguishing my needs from the collective desires around me, I turn to art as a tool for self-discovery. Often fueled by a desire to confront misinformation and fueled by the flames of frustration and anger towards inaction, my work becomes a conduit for expression. In particular, I channel my focus into dissecting the complexities of data collection, attempting to unravel the intricate arguments that swirl within the recesses of my mind. Each piece I produce is a snapshot of my history, a visual memoir of my thoughts and emotions at a specific moment in time. These creations are my sanctuary, a refuge for my mind that often finds itself suspended in the uncertainties of the world beneath my feet.

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