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Upcoming Projects

New Normal: 
Climate Change
and the Illusion of Utopia

This collage-based research project delves into the dynamic interplay between climate change and societal perceptions of "normality" in the United States, placing climate change within a broader temporal context. Focusing on New York, the project synthesizes temperature data, impact of natural disasters, and the resulting environmental damage to homes and lives. This empirical foundation sets the stage for an exploration of the juxtaposition between these environmental shifts and the flourishing narratives of major coal, petroleum, and technology companies on a global scale.


35W Bridge Graphic Novel

This project will explore the Minnesota I-35W Bridge collapse that occurred August 1st, 2007 during rush hour traffic, killing 13 people and injuring 145. This tragedy sparked nationwide concern as states began to re-inspect their bridges and found many of them to be in similar disrepair. My hope for this project is to center the importance of infrastructure, and how ignoring it, especially through the stress of escalating climate events, can lead to catastrophe and death. The 35W Bridge collapse is an excellent example of failure through inaction.

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Visual Art

This project is a collaboration with a fellow artist, exploring the theme of transformation and growth. Through a combination of photography and digital manipulation, we created a series of images that showcase the beauty and power of embracing change. I'm thrilled to share this project with you and hope it sparks joy and inspiration.

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